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Since 2016

Kosella builds and invests in web properties including blogs, AI tools, affiliate websites, SaaS products, and domains. We also offer consulting, email & marketing integration, and custom website builds. Some of our businesses are listed below.

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Conversion Base

Just Launched

Let a 20-year ecommerce executive audit your website on video and get actionable steps to grow traffic, leads, and sales.

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Elliott Kos

Articles and lessons guide readers through understanding the current cultural shift and using their God-given gifts to start and grow digital businesses.

Network of local business websites

Legendary Business Systems

A private network of websites that generates thousands of leads every month for small businesses in the United States.

The Exodus

A weekly newsletter for those looking to understand and exit the collapsing corporate systems to find security in starting and growing their own online business.

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We'd love to work with you to make improvements in your online business. We're also open to partnerships and acquisitions.

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