Home Advisor Alternative

A Home Advisor Alternative to Lead Generation

The Home Advisor strategy is a powerful one: collect leads looking for a service and turn-around and sell that lead to 5 different companies.

The customer wins as he here’s back from people willing to do the job, and the businesses win because they get the opportunity to earn someone’s business.

The problem for small businesses is that they are constantly in competition for the same customers. They’re paying for leads they don’t have a fair shot of closing.

Until now, there hasn’t been much of a HomeAdvisor.com alternative to lead generation for small businesses.

What we’ve done at Kosella, is taken the HomeAdvisor lead model and customized it for each individual business.

How The Kosella Alternative to Home Advisor Works

No matter where you’re getting your leads from – Home Advisor or not – fill out the form on our partner’s website Service Direct and we can help you take your business upward!

This is what you can expect with our Home Advisor alternative:

You’ll start booking more business than you ever have with Home Advisor.
The phone calls and emails you receive are NEVER shared with your competition.
You will completely own the lead-flow for your business – go fast or slow – you choose!

Whether you want to add a lead generation program onto your existing Home Advisor leads, or use it as an alternative – we think you’ll be blown-away with what our partners at Service Direct can accomplish for you!